Be Confident


The dream started from the moment I applied an ordinary Lip Liner for the first time, while with a friend! My experience was astonishing…
As I realised how one small pencil with a shade, could have so much of an impact on one’s features. And so my search for the Perfect products began!
Loomy Beauty began the same day I tried that pen!! 
I started purchasing various products and as a medical student I was intrigued by the ingredients.This led me to a thorough study into the ingredients of these products and their effect on the skin. 
As part of my study, I tested these products on myself, my friends and in the lab. Since I have very sensitive skin, it wasn’t very easy for me to find products that suited my skin. But the more I progressed in the study, the more I realised How Harmful Most Of These Ingredients Were!
After I concluded the study - I was very unhappy with the result, but I was determined To Find A Solution!
So I started a new study - A scientific search for the correct ingredients, that were both Harmless and Beneficial to the skin.
My quest was for Harmless ingredients that existed in nature and that could be harvested in the labs by balancing the Ingredient Equations and enhancing them with a bottom line. For them to be used as Skincare and Makeup, to enhance Natural Beauty -  instead of applying makeup as a hiding tool.
Therefore, I started composing my thoughts over the years...
In my mind, Makeup and Skincare are a science that is synonymous with the science of the Ocean And Sea.Enforcing similar philosophy of the Calming, Nurturing and Beneficial tributes of the Oceans while maintaining an Explosive and Destructive force that can be Life Threatening.
I was always looking for the Harmless ingredients in Nature and in the labs to balance Chemical Equations of both, by enhancing and improving while boosting the users confidence and trust in their beauty - instead of using makeup as a hidden tool.
Thus, the Loomy Beauty brand was Born!!

Over The Years, I have created various mixes that help maintain the skin consistency and enhance Natural Beauty.To be the skin friend and soul mate, to be the perfect mix - similar as family commitments and integrity.

Dr.Khawla (Founder/CEO)